Lavender and Bergamot Soap 90g

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Lavender and bergamot cold pressed soap

Our soaps are hand made artisan olive oil soaps. They are made using the traditional cold press process and, unlike melt and pour soaps, they are much more gentle on the skin.

It takes four weeks to make a bar of soap using this process; first we mix and blend the raw ingredients, then we wait for them to cure and dry over the next four weeks.

The base oils we use offer many benefits to the body and skin then the addition of an essential oil packs our soap with even more benefits! It includes Lavender essential oil, with its huge list of skin benefits, and a touch of bergamot to add a subtle citrus note. It also contains sustainable palm oil. Palm is the key ingredient to get a great lather in soap and is great for nourishing and soothing skin. Our soap also contains coconut oil coconut oil and olive oil.

Due to the fact that we make these soaps via the cold pressed method, the oils retain all of the goodness within them.

Ingredients: Sodium cocoate, sodium olivate, sodium lactate, sodium palmate, Lavandula, Citrus bergamia, aqua. The approx weight of each soap is 90g.