Chamomile Roman Organic Floral Water

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Chamomile Roman Organic Floral water Hydrosol.

Botanical name: Chamaemelum nobile.

100% pure organic Chamomile Water. A Perfect Chamomile Water facial toner, body spray and mist, to give an indulgent and smooth feel to the face after a spray or two. It hydrates right away, making the skin feel toned, light, smooth and fresh.

A multi use floral water, this product can be used for cleansing, as a deodorant or just simply use to freshen the air or surrounding textiles. The list is endless with our floral waters. Moreover, it maintains a steady pH balance and stimulates skin regeneration processes. As a result the skin texture becomes even and elastic. No Alcohol added Atomiser Spray glass bottles, Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free.