Castor Oil

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Castor oil

Authentic Oil Co castor oil is a 100% pure and natural product, vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Botanical name: Ricinus Communis.

Plant Part: Seeds.

Aroma: No odour.

Extraction Method: Cold pressed.


Castor oil is native to India and is a highly popular oil. The castor plant is an exotic species which can grow as high as 14 meters and likes warm exotic tropical climates.


Castor oil is a highly popular, versatile oil and it has many uses. In many industries, it can be used alone or to blend essential oils with it, and as a key ingredient in cosmetic formulations (often a popular ingredient in bath bombs). Perhaps another popular reason for the use of castor oil is hair growth and moisturising the scalp. It improves the overall condition and health of the hair with fairly quickly. Its water soluble hence its high popularity in cosmetics; it's very moisturising and nourishing, helping hydrate the skin, and is gentle on all skin types.

Storage: Always make sure the lid is left on the bottle after use. Make sure the product is out of reach of children and animals.

Technical: We are able to supply technical product documents such as COA and MSDS on request for our products.

Precautions: Please seek medical advice before using this product if you have any allergies or medical conditions as this product is not guaranteed to be free of them. Always patch test new oils first and if you experience any sensitivity stop using. Please note this product is not sold as an alternative to medicine.

Sold In: Our Castor oil is sold in 10ml amber glass and larger sizes are sold in amber pet bottles to preserve the shelf life.